my western nest.

Seeing as how I have a baby at home and work full time, I decided to make things easy on myself this year and outsource pretty much everything! I still did a few things I love: made up some candy favors, picked a theme and decorations, hand-wrote the thank-you’s. Beyond that, I sought help!

We held the party at our favorite local play place, The Children’s Piazza. It ended up raining on the day of her party, and so this worked out perfectly. I ordered most of the food, and the cake, and it took lots of hands to set-up and tear-down.



Having the party outside the home, not making the cake, and having my friend (Jen Lauren photography) take pictures took so much stress away…allowing me to slow down and enjoy the day.


Tips for your next third birthday:

1. Ask for help! They don’t hand out trophies for doing everything yourself at birthday parties. I checked.

2. Related to tip 1, have someone else take your pictures! This way, you can enjoy the party & actually be in some of them.

3. Nothing makes kids happier than a bunch of balloons.

4. Provide to-go boxes for cake! Some people aren’t hungry after party food. This way, you don’t end up with half of a sheet cake to take home and practice self-control with all week because you work from home in the kitchen and it’s there.

5. Don’t worry about decorating too little: they won’t remember most of it/see tip 3…balloons balloons balloon!

6. Don’t worry about decorating too much: they only turn 3 once!

7. Stay present in the day! Kiss and hug them every chance you get. They may not remember the gifts, or the theme…but they will remember that you were happy. It’s remarkable how important that is to kids.


My baby is three! I’m so thankful to have a front row seat as she develops into who she is meant to be. I know no matter what that is, it’s going to be extraordinary.



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