my western nest.

I can’t believe you are a 3-year-old…a “three-nager” as they say.

I think 3 is the age I had feared, because I heard so much about the challenges of your newfound independence.  And yet, here we are…and yes, you can be challenging; but oh my goodness, can you ever be sweet.


You are learning and growing and discovering.  You experiment with words like “never,” “always.” You tell me that I “have to do” things.

You ask me questions in full sentences: “Mommy, do we have any of the green chips?”  Although it has made my days more chaotic, I think your newfound language is my favorite change.


I love our drives to daycare in the morning, just me and you.  I love talking to you, hearing your questions as you stammer to find the words.  We always try to spot horses and deer.  If we are lucky, we see them at the same time.

I love talking about what you will do during the day, what you hope to eat and who you hope to play with.  I struggle to help you understand that you have soccer on Thursdays, and the point is not to show to coach your shoes, but to learn to kick the ball.  Sometimes the world gets the best of my attention, and it’s never your fault, but not during our morning ride.  I think our 10 minutes in coversation might be my favorite part of the day.


You love the color “dark pink.”  You wear dresses whenever you can.  You love dinosaurs and learning about the weather.  You love making art projects.  Every time you are outside, you find a stick to drag around.  You are finally trying some new foods again, and I think you actually like red peppers.  You yell everything and you run everywhere.  You live life in two speeds: maximum intensity and sleeping.  You love books.  Your mind is expanding and flourishing.

I live for your massive hugs.  You are three.  You are magic and you are light.  I love you, sweet Gracie.  You make me so happy.IMG_7789

All the gorgeous pictures are thanks to Jen Lauren photography.

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