my western nest.

It’s been over 7 months since I’ve blogged. It might seem a little ridiculous to post Avery’s birth story so late…but this is literally how long it has taken me to find the time. Things are getting better now: she sleeps well, eats often, and lets me put her down sometimes :). I want to share her story because I never want to forget what happened, starting the day before my due date.

My labor started on August 5th. I woke up at 2am on Saturday to a light pain in my belly. All day Saturday, I labored at home with intense back contractions. All three of my labors have been in my back.

Things never got regular, but my contractions were so severe that I feared going in public. Every 5-15 minutes, I needed to run to a nearby stable object, squat down, and hold on for dear life.

To get my mind off the pain, my mom and I walked around a local farm. It was weirdly silent, very muggy and cloudy. We walked and chatted, and I started to feel a little better. However, when we got home, things ramped up to a new level. I couldn’t even move without it causing a contraction…all in my back, for a minute, but still not regular.

Because I’d been laboring for so long and it was getting more intense, I called labor and delivery. They suggested I come in to be checked: it was my third delivery, and I think they heard the pain in my voice. My husband and I grabbed the hospital bag, just in case, and left.

Jon had run over 20 miles that day, and hadn’t eaten anything after. We decided to stop at Wendy’s on the way, so that if I was going to give birth soon, he wouldn’t pass out from low blood sugar. Waiting in the drive-through line, I knew it was time.

The poor person that handed Jon his Frosty. I’m pretty sure he thought I was a prisoner, the look on my face was not the look of a glowing, pregnant lady. It was fear.

We rushed to the hospital, every bump and turn causing me to contact again. We prayed when we arrived, and when we walked in, I had 2 massive contractions in the entry way. Hello, everyone!

They found I was at 5cm and progressing quickly. I’m so thankful I didn’t wait even 30 more minutes. Lesson 1 as a mom of 2: you know what you need. You just know.

After 10 pushes, the doctor said to me “Get down here and grab her!” I pulled her out, I helped birth my baby. Avery Joy Western entered the world in 8/6/17, slightly after midnight, on her due date.

She cried so delicately, different from her sister. Her hands moved constantly as she searched for her mama. She is strong and determined, yet gentle and loving.

She was, and still is, perfect. It’s like our family was missing a piece, and it was her. Our little AJ.

Thank you to Jen Lauren Photography

Since her arrival, I’ve been challenged in new ways as a mother and a woman. I’ve laughed when nothing was funny, and I’ve cried when I wish I’d kept it together. At first, at our house, someone was usually crying. Learning to handle two kids at bedtime seemed literally impossible. And yet, with Avery’s arrival, we’ve all grown.

I was worried that my relationship with Gracie would change, and it has…in the best way. I appreciate her help, I treasure our moments together, and my heart nearly bursts when she tries to make Avery laugh. I rely on her in ways I didn’t before.

Don’t get me wrong: this is hard. Really hard. And yet, when I look at how far we’ve come and what our family is now, I couldn’t imagine life without our Avery Joy.

It’s literally impossible for us to be on time for anything anymore, so I guess it’s only fitting that this post was delayed. Still, better late than never: welcome to the world, little AJ. We love you!

Thank you to Jen Lauren Photography for the amazing pictures!

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  1. Thank you Jon, Kristine, & Gracie. Your Blog is like a beautiful song written by your family. We enjoyed immensely seeing you last fall. When we watch the weather map, we always think of all of you & how the weather is affecting you. We love you all & keep you in our prayers. Great grandpa & Great grandma Rose

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