my western nest.

Although we currently reside in New England, Jon and I are rooted in the Midwest.  I grew up in Michigan, and Jon has lived in both Minnesota and Michigan.  Since Gracie has been born, we have been excited to take a trip back.  These past few weeks, we finally were able to do so.

Our trip started in Minneapolis, with a visit to Jon’s parents.  Gracie’s first plane ride from Boston to Minneapolis was fairly uneventful.  We spent a week touring the twin cities, and we loved every second!  Here are some of our Minnesota memories:

Gracie met her Great Grandma.
She also met her Great Grandpa.
Gracie got to meet lots of Jon’s extended family.


Gracie loved seeing all the animals at Como Zoo.
She road her first ride at the Mall of America.  Pardon the picture quality, she was going too fast!!
Gracie couldn’t get enough of the water tables at the Minnesota Children’s Museum.

On Good Friday, we continued on to Michigan to visit my family in Bay City.  It had been a while since I’d been home, and I was so excited to visit some of the new places in my growing hometown.  Easter was also the first holiday that Gracie was able to spend with extended family.  Here are some of our Michigan moments:

Gracie found her first Easter basket and celebrated in the house I grew up in.
She also got to meet a lot of my extended family.

She loved the swings…
…and the slide on the playground at our local State Park.


Our little fish loved the pool at the local YMCA.

It was so special to spend time with Gracie on the campus of the University of Michigan, where Jon and I met 9 years ago.

Traveling with a baby was not nearly as difficult as I had feared.  Sure, I started making a packing list in January and our checked baggage fees tripled.  Yet, I loved embarking on our first big adventure as a small family.  I loved sharing our daughter with the family and friends that love us.  I love all the changes I saw in Gracie this trip, and I gained a new appreciation for the brave and flexible personality she has.  I loved spending time enjoying our daughter, without worrying about work or the house…I loved being home.

One Reply to “Our Midwest Adventure”

  1. Kristine & Jon, We loved seeing you again with your baby daughter. Being able to hold Gracie is a great treasure we will hold in our memory banks forever. Brings back memories of holding Jon at that age before the family moved to California. Thank you & we love your family very much. Grandma & Grandpa Rose

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