friday five: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Even though I’ve always loved to eat, lately life has seemed to be even more food-focused than normal.  Gracie is trying all kinds of new solid foods, and I’m always looking for new options to pair with her purees.  In fact, I always have baby food on the brain, now that we are brand ambassadors for Beech-Nut.  Additionally, I have been trying to get smarter with our grown-up meal planning.  In light of all of this, and true to form, most of this Friday Five is also focused on food.  Yum.

1. Breakfast with Baby

Two Saturdays ago, Gracie and I hosted a breakfast with some of our baby/mommy friends at our house.  It was super fun!  We took the opportunity to share some of our Beech-Nut goodies with our buddies, including samples and lots of coupons.  After lots of tasting for the babies, it was time for some yogurt parfaits and baked-egg casserole for the mommies.  We loved hosting and sharing the love from our favorite baby food with our friends.  We are looking forward to hosting again in April!


2. Treat Yo-self

Although not related to food, I had to share my latest non-sweet treat.  Recently, my sister become a merchandiser with Chloe and Isabel; I finally treated myself the cocktail ring that I have been eyeing for over a year now.  I could not be more thrilled with my purchase!  I ordered a size up, as I was looking for something to wear on my index finger.  It is perfect for dressing up, but looks cute with my yoga pants and hoodies.  I highly recommend checking out her boutique!


3. Freezer Meal Dinner Exchange

Last Sunday afternoon, I met with five other mommies to trade freezer meals and baby stories. What a great afternoon!  In exchange for a massive quantity of broccoli cheddar soup, I came home with: chicken cacciatore, cilantro lime chicken, black bean taco soup, burritos, and macaroni and cheese.  I love opening my freezer admiring my arsenal of perfectly-portioned dinners for nights that I don’t want to cook, or nights when I don’t have time to cook.  I am starting seriously to wonder why I didn’t do this sooner!

4. Spiralizing For Lunch

About a year ago, I purchased my first spiralizer, and I’m ashamed to admit that it took me this long to take it out of the box!  Now that it’s out and I am spiralizing like a fool, I wish I’d done it sooner!  Freezer meals and Zoodles…who knew?

After a failed lunch salad creation of my own, I was about to give up on lunch, when I came across this recipe from Skinnytaste on social media: Spiralized Raw Zucchini Salad with Avocado and Edamame.  I tried it once, and I’ve made it several days since.  I am hooked!

Do yourself a favor and check it out!  You will not be sorry.

5. 10 Months Old

This has nothing to do with food, other than the fact that I am constantly feeding this hungry, hungry baby.  However, it seemed fitting to end by talking about the sweetest person I know.  Gracie Kate turned 10 months old on leap day!  It’s so exciting to watch her personality continue unfolding.  She is hilarious!  I love all of her noises, her curious nature, and her persistence.

Gracie is standing now without much assistance, and she wants to walk…badly.  She loves to explore her dresser drawers, and this is best accomplished by completely emptying them.  She loves books, they keep her busy for hours.  She continues to work on her relationship with the cat, and Lady is warming up to her even more.

She loves to give mommy and daddy big, sloppy kisses and is such a cuddly little bug.  We love our silly, hungry, sweet, and strong baby girl!


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4 thoughts on “friday five: breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  1. What a fun party for babies and their Moms! We just bought my sister a spiralizer for her wedding shower. I told her she has to use it to make me dinner =0)

    Stopping over from the linkup! Hope you can stop by my blog as well =0) Happy Friday!

  2. I’ve been wanting to put together a food swap. You just might have inspired me more. Happy Friday! Just stopping by from the link up. Have a great weekend!

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