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5 things i didn’t register for…and needed

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It’s hard to believe that nearly a year ago, I was happily clicking away on Amazon and, adding what I thought I’d need to care for our little baby-to-be with feet of snow outside the window.  This year, we finally got our first significant snowfall last weekend, and that little baby-to-be was able to play in it!


Back to registering: I had done some research, and I felt pretty confident about what I was adding and what I skipping  However, after bringing Gracie home, it took me a few days to understand that there were a few things people always add for a reason.

Based 100% on my own experience, for today’s Friday five list, I thought I would share five things that I left off my baby registry…that we actually needed.

ONE: A diaper pail

While pregnant, I decided that a diaper pail was something we could do without.  Instead, I had a cute, pink basket full of plastic grocery bags and a plan to take each dirty diaper out to the garage, individually.  After changing what was probably 1,054 diapers within few hours of being home from the hospital, I quickly realized that this plan, while good in theory, wasn’t gunna work.

Not only was it difficult to put our newborn down long enough to walk the bagged diaper out to the garage, but also, our trash only gets collected once a week.  Loosely tied bags of poo in a hot garage in July were not going to cut it.  After some research, we chose this diaper pail, and I took my first postpartum trip to Babies R Us.  We’ve been happily bagging ever since.  A simply trashcan with a lid would definitely be comparable.

TWO: A bottle drying rack

While pregnant, I had a plan to breastfeed.  However, because I was planning to return to work, I knew I’d also need to pump.  However, I didn’t know exactly how many parts bottles and pumps have.  I thought we would just dry everything and put it away immediately.


After weeks of setting every nipple and tube and membrane and pump horn (what I call them) out to dry multiple times a day, I began to miss our dry, bare countertops.  I invested in this collapsible drying rack.  I like it because it’s easy to wipe clean and, if there are a few days where I don’t pump/bottle feed, it can be easily collapsed and stored.

THREE: Muslin swaddle blankets

Photo credit Laura Wagner Photography

I originally received a pack of 4 muslin blankets as a postpartum gift.  I didn’t register for them because I seriously was doubting my ability to swaddle without Velcro/ties.  However, once I used one of these blankets for something other than swaddling, I was obsessed.  We didn’t use them to swaddle…but we used them for EVERYTHING ELSE this summer.  They are so amazingly light-weight.  I covered her in her car seat, I wrapped her loosely while holding her, I let her nap with one draped over her in the swing (they are super breathable), I used them for nursing covers….in the earliest days, we didn’t go a day without one!

Beyond being practical, I love all the fun patterns and colors!  We actually ended up getting her a lovey from the same material, and she sleeps with it every nap/night.  There is a reason why everyone loves these blankets!

FOUR: A second carseat base

It took a few times of switching the car seat base between our two cars for us to get wise and invest in a second carseat base.  Obviously, this isn’t something that everyone will need, but for us it was a game changer.  Now, we can just hop in whatever car has gas and leave, without doing the great seat exchange.  I wish we’d done it sooner.

FIVE: This nursing pillow

As a first time mom, I was completely unaware of how to breastfeed.  Gracie and I had a few issues getting started, and once we got started, a few more issues keeping going.  That story is for a different day.  However, after one visit to a lactation consultant, I was in LOVE with this nursing pillow.  It kept my tiny newborn right where she needed to be, it buckled around me so that it didn’t slip off, and it even had a little pocket for my cell phone.  Game changer!  I highly recommend doing your research on nursing pillows if you are planning to nurse: you will be nursing 8+ hours a day at first, and you need a pillow that helps you.

Photo credit Laura Wagner Photography

That wraps up my list of 5 things I wish I’d registered for.  Live and learn.  In the end, I guess I really didn’t need any of it.  All I really needed was a big bottle of water, a sense of humor, a supportive hubby, and a sweet baby to snuggle.

Happy Friday!

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One Reply to “5 things i didn’t register for…and needed”

  1. It’s so hard to know what you’re going to really need/use until you get into it. We loved those muslin blankets for swaddling out second (who was a a summer baby) but with my older son (who was a winter baby) we used flannel swaddle blankets by Swaddle Designs. We loved both they were just totally different situations with different needs. And I overwhelmingly recommend the second base for the car seat! So much easier. Thanks for sharing!

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