my western nest.

It’s your first Christmas, and I’m pretty sure you don’t get it.  You slept in today, thank you for that.  As we brought you downstairs in your candy-stripe pajamas, I know we were acting weird.  We showed you stuff wrapped in shiny paper, and after a week of deterring you, we finally let you rip it!  Sweet crinkly goodness!



We tried not to overwhelm you, opening presents slowly and letting you experience each new thing, welcoming  it your world.  I could see your wheels turning as you examined each new surface and color and sound.

IMG_2345 IMG_2346

And yet, as always, I admire you because to you, things are just things.  As we sat and played, and I tried to sneak away to cook or clean, you made it clear that you don’t need what we had just helped you unwrap.  You just need us.  With your teeth all seeming to come in at once, and the world so big around you, and your new-found ability to sit-up straight…this Christmas, all you really want is to be held.  This Christmas, five minutes is too long to go without a hug.  This Christmas, mommy and daddy are your whole world.


And so today, we are taking it the slowest we have in quite some time.  No work, no laptops, no laundry, and only blogging while you nap.  Today is Christmas, and today we celebrate God’s perfect love by simply being in love.  We show you new things, but we could never give you anything that will express exactly what you mean to us.  We love you, sweet Gracie Kate.  You are my favorite gift.


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