five on friday: baby brain

As I enter into my 30th week of pregnancy, I find myself exhibiting the most classic and recognized pregnant symptoms: I am constantly hungry, crazy thirsty, tired often, but I also have trouble sleeping.

At 29 weeks, Baby W is already as big as this pineapple!


“Baby Brain” is setting in.  I am subconsciously sabotaging myself, making life more interesting and challenging all at once.  For example, a few days ago, I found a Sharpie pen in my make-up bag.



To recap this week, I am linking up with DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha.

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Furniture Shopping

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Jon and I spent Valentine’s Day day shopping for furniture.  For new homebuyers, this truly is romance at its finest.  For those of you not familiar, Jordan’s Furniture in Reading is like a furniture shopping experience from a crazy dream you once had.  You enter Jordan’s to find yourself standing in “Beantown”, surrounded familiar Boston landmarks and other structures constructed of Jelly Belly jelly beans.  They sell all 100,000+ flavors (exaggerating). To your right, you find a large, awesome looking high-ropes course and trapeze school.  Past the high ropes course, a giant fountain sprays in time to a loud music and light display.  Next to the fountain is a Richardson’s ice cream, with more flavors than you ever dreamed possible.  Somewhere amongst the dining room sets, you can find an IMAX theatre and a Fuddruckers.  Pure awesomeness.

On Saturday, we treated ourselves to some ice cream for lunch and get ideas for our new home.  We haven’t purchased anything yet, we are waiting a while yet.  However, I still left feeling very accomplished.




Valentine’s Day Dinner

The atmosphere makes for a dark picture.
The atmosphere makes for a dark picture.

For our date night, Jon and I had a fantastic Valentine’s dinner at Barrel House American Bar in Beverly,  MA.  It’s one of our favorite places, and it was so worth venturing out into the weekly East Coast snowstorm on Saturday night!  We love the atmosphere, the food is always delicious, and the menu is constantly rotating, which keeps return visits interesting.

We started with the cheese board, and I had a fantastic “mocktail” that I can’t wait to re-create this summer: lemonade with gingerbeer and a splash of lime juice (I think).  For dinner, I got the Pork Sparerib with polenta, and Jon got the salmon.  We finished our dinner by sharing a flourless chocolate brownie that was straight from heaven.  I wish I could eat the whole meal over again. 



Feeling Crafty


Frigid temps on President’s Day meant a day of crafting for our baby shower this weekend!  I’m so excited that I’ve been able to help out with it, I just love party planning and getting to be crafty.  I spent a while on a banner for our sweets table, and I love how it turned out!  I’ll share after the shower.



Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork


For a quick dinner on Tuesday, I tried an easy recipe from Pinterest for Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork.  It turned out so juicy and flavorful!  I served it on pretzel buns, which were almost too filling. In the future, I will go with a lighter option for buns.  However, this meal gets an “A+” for simplicity and taste.



Sling TV

Photo via
Photo via

With the price of cable skyrocketing, Jon and I have been trying Sling TV for the past week or two.  Sling TV is an internet streaming services that offers access to a variety of popular channels at a fraction of the cost (it starts at $20 a month).  At first, I was nervous to not have our normal cable options.  However, Sling TV lets us watch almost every channel that we normally do: HGTV, Food Network, CNN, ESPN…the only thing missing is ABC.  With our upcoming move, we plan to stick with Sling TV and get basic cable.  The savings are so worth it, we are very happy with the service and picture quality.


Another week in the books.  This weekend, we celebrate Baby W with a baby shower, and only 2 weeks until we close on our house.

Have a great weekend!  Think Spring!

7 thoughts on “five on friday: baby brain

  1. You are just too cute in your pictures! So, I laughed when reading this because last night my husband couldn’t find the ice cream…because I had put it in the fridge. Whoops. I’m already researching Sling TV. We have never had cable & just use Netflix & Hulu Plus, but we love HGTV & ESPN :).

  2. You are just too cute in your pictures! Love it. So, I have to share a hilarious happening from last night that definitely involves pregnancy brain. My husband couldn’t find the ice cream anywhere…because I accidentally put it in the fridge. Ha! Thanks for the tip on Sling TV. I’ll be checking that out to add to our line-up of Netflix & Hulu Plus :).

  3. You are looking beautiful! I’m almost 30 weeks too, and I feel ya on all those typical pregnancy symptoms. But I just love being pregnant! Enjoy your baby shower!

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