my western nest.

It was another crazy week!  Things are still *full steam ahead* with buying our first home, and every day that goes by, I get more pregnant.    Add more winter weather, the Big Game on Sunday, and a lovely surprise in the mail makes this another week to remember!


A Surprise in our Mailbox

Baby loves to sleep with her arm draped over her face!
Baby loves to sleep with her arm draped over her face!

Two weeks ago, I had a doctor’s appointment complete with ultrasound pics and my glucose test.  After chugging my orangey drink, getting more ultrasound pics, and getting my blood drawn…I was ready to go!  I left quickly, experiencing a major sugar crash.  However, I was so excited about the ultrasound pics that we had gotten: the technician had finally got a good shot of her face in 3D.  I could see her beautiful little nose and eyes…amazing!

It wasn’t until I was home and getting ready to scan/send out the ultrasound pics that I realized something: I didn’t have the pictures.  I left left them….somewhere.  I had no idea where.  Stupid, stupid, pregnant brain.

I was so sad about my missing pictures, I cried real tears.

A week went by, and with all of the excitement about the house, I was too distracted to call the hospital and request new pictures.  I planned to, I just kept getting caught up with other things.  Last weekend, I checked our mail from Saturday, only to find an envelope from the hospital.  I didn’t think it was a bill, since it was addressed by hand.  I opened it only to find…the missing pictures!  Slightly more folded than the last time I saw it, there was her beautiful face!  I was so thankful to whoever sent the pictures back to me.  I wish I could thank them, these pictures mean so much to me.

It's a little blurry, but that's the first shot of her sweet face!
It’s a little blurry, but that’s the first shot of her sweet face!


Old Man Winter Strike Again

The only real way to clear snow.
The only real way to clear snow.

We had another 2 snow days this week as Metro Boston got slammed with another 2 feet of snow.  As it stands today, we must have about 4 feet of snow…and I have heard we may get more next week.  What was once wintery and fun has now turned into somewhat of a nuisance.  Traffic has been extra bad every day, and there is literally no where to put the snow.  I realize that there isn’t anything we can do about it, besides wait.

Still…please, no more.


Super Bowl Champs/I am #leftshark

Photo via
Photo via

One benefit of the massive snowstorm/snow day on Monday was that everyone in Boston and the surrounding areas got to stay up extra late celebrating the Patriots winning the Super Bowl!  Jon and I watched the game with some friends and has a blast!  We enjoyed delicious food (I ate so many Doritos, I can’t even believe it), some hilarious/not-so-hilarious commercials, and a experienced a halftime show that lead to the new #leftshark phenomena.

We all have a little Left Shark in us.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 7.56.43 PM

It was such a fun week to be in New England!  #gopats!


Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip


To prepare for the Super Bowl, I found a great recipe for *Skinny* Buffalo Chicken Dip.  I added a little extra chicken, celery, and I substituted blue cheese dressing for the blue cheese crumbles.  The dip turned out awesome!  I definitely recommend this recipe.  We had leftovers this week…and I’m not mad about that.


On to the Next One 

It's so fun looking back at the past 14 weeks.  Things have gotten bumpier!
It’s so fun looking back at the past 14 weeks. Things have gotten bumpier!

Today marks the end of my second “honeymoon” trimester and the beginning of my third trimester.  I can’t believe it!  This week, I sat at my desk, feeling and watching baby girl tumble and roll in my tummy, and I knew things were different.  Baby girl is strong, and she is active.  I can’t believe I’m entering the home stretch!

Have an amazing weekend!

This Friday, I am linking up with DarciAprilChristina, and Natasha to share my favorite things about this week.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 8.35.01 PM

8 Replies to “five on friday: full steam ahead”

    1. Thank you!!! It really hasn’t fully hit me yet, it kind of just feels like I’ll be pregnant for a long time and that’s it…but the baby supplies we are starting to accumulate are making it seem real. Thanks for reading!!

  1. You look so adorable! What exciting mail!! That was so nice of them to mail them to you 🙂 YAYA Happy Friday just found your blog love it!
    Chelsea @

  2. So sweet they mailed the pictures back to you! Good people do still exist! I have to say I’m a little jealous of the snow because we haven’t seen any in SC but I can’t imagine having that much! Hope it clears out soon!

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