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During the first trimester of both of my pregnancies, I never actually “got sick.”  However, I experienced the morning queasiness like you wouldn’t believe…and it lasted all day.

Now in my second trimester, and about to enter my third, I feel like eating healthy again.  In fact, this baby seem to WANT me to eat well.  Thank you, little lady!

Because I was feeling so gross at first, and eating unhealthy makes me feel gross now, I have come up with a few easy preggo swaps.  These “eat this, not that” swaps are small choices to help maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.  These tricks still allow me to splurge a little without going overboard.  These tricks seem to be working, and so I wanted to share!

1. Keep things sparkly

Whether at home or out to dinner, one of my favorite substitutes for diet soda is sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice.  While there are no calories in diet soda, it’s really not a very natural choice.  Also, if you consume a few diet sodas while out to dinner, you’ll be way over on your caffeine for the day.

A Sparkling Cran is a fresh, tart, and delicious way to get little extra water and some vitamins.  Little belly babies LOVE juice!  I buy “Just Cranberry” juice to avoid all the fillers of a juice cocktail.  Today, I got creative and added some frozen raspberries to keep my drink cold!


2. Lay it on thick

An extra-thick protein smoothie is an easy way to trick your body into thinking you are consuming ice cream or a milk shake…for breakfast!  Fun.  In the morning, I usually combine 1 1/2 cups of frozen fruit, 1 scoop of protein powder (whey powder, completely natural!), and just enough almond milk to allow the fruit to blend (probably 3/4 cup).

Adding an avocado to this mix will make your belly baby leap for joy!  Hurray for good fats!

3 . Make a hard choice

I know it’s not natural, and I know it’s empty calories…but sometimes, I just want candy.  Bad candy.  Candy produced in colors and flavors that do NOT actually occur in nature is my weakness, and I am not proud of that.  No where on earth are raspberries actually blue!

During one of my sugar cravings, or if I feel lightheaded during the day, I’ll pop a hard candy into my mouth (I love Jolly Ranchers!).  This helps quench my thirst for sugar, but instead of consuming 300+ empty calories, I consume 30.


4. Dip it good!

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but one of my favorite ways to consume some extra raw veggies (especially during my first trimester), is a simple greek yogurt based dip.  The recipe I use can be found here.  I made a batch today with added chives for some zest!  This dip keeps me from snacking on junk, and greek yogurt is an AMAZING source of protein…just what a growing belly baby needs.


5. Be a little sneaky

While I know it’s not the same as an actual serving of raw vegetables, if I am making a pasta dish for dinner, I will swap out whole wheat pasta for pasta with a serving of vegetables in it.  One of my first trimester cravings was plain pasta with salt; sneaking in a serving of vegetables this way was better than nothing.  I still can’t look at black beans…or spinach.  I may never be the same.


I really like “eat this, not that” swaps because they don’t always entail giving up what you love.  Rather, they are just smart choices that promote healthy living, and feel effortless.  When eating for two, it’s important to be aware of your choices…but you still need to eat!

Does anyone have any other easy tips to share?  I’d love to hear!

This Monday, I’m linking-up with SarahJennRachel, and Tauna for the Mom 2 Mom Monday Link-up.

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