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my 9 Monday Runday rules for running while pregnant

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At 24 weeks, I am visibly pregnant.  For Monday Runday, I thought I’d share my own 9 rules for running with pregnant.

This Monday, I’m linking-up with Sarah, Jenn, Rachel, and Tauna for the Mom 2 Mom Monday Link-up.


I am no longer the nauseous, overly exhausted runner that I was in September.  I no longer feel like I am simply getting over the flu.  Rather, I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight, I have girth, and I am often lulled to sleep at night by the tiny thuds of a kicking baby girl.

As for running with this newfound girth…it’s different. My tummy can sometimes get in my way, and now I find my upper legs getting very tired very quickly.  It’s interesting because sometimes running actually makes my minor discomforts go away…but 4 miles feel like 15 miles and I eat like a garbage disposal for the rest of the day.

Seeking advice from the blogs of a few runners that I admire, I set these 9 rules for myself that I wanted to share. Keep in mind that, just because these work for me, they will never work for every woman.  You should ask you doctor about running every time that you have any questions, like I do.  

  1. If anything ever feels even remotely painful, I stop.  No questions.  Now is not the time to be a hero.
  2. I give myself little breaks during my run, either through walking or stopping all-together.
  3. I never go more than 25 miles a week, no more than 6 miles a run….and lately, I have been between 18-20 per week.
  4. After I finish running, I chug my entire 33 oz water bottle.  Coconut water also proved to be AMAZINGLY HELPFUL to combat nausea during my first-trimester runs.
  5. Unless the weather is too good to pass up, I run indoors.  I am pretty clumsy (even when I’m not pregnant), and I don’t need any help from wet leaves and ice patches.
  6. I find time after my runs to works my arms, back, and legs so that my whole body stays strong and ready for labor. I also try to squeeze in yoga, and cross-training is a priority.
  7. I work to find other ways to stay fit during the day, so I don’t rely on running so much.  I stand at work for at least an hour a day (I have a desk that rises up), I take the stairs.
  8. If I wake up and I can’t do it, I don’t push it.  It’s not worth it.  Sleep is more valuable.
  9. I work-out as early as I can, preferably before my body knows I am awake.  That way, I have less time to feel pregnant and tired.


Trail Running at 23 weeks at Pinnacle Peak in AZ
Trail Running at 23 weeks at Pinnacle Peak in AZ

Today, these rules are my guide. Tomorrow, they may be replaced by one simple rule: don’t run.  I don’t know for sure.  However, I do know when to run, I know when to walk, and I know when it sit.

I read somewhere pregnancy is like I’m “in training” for my due date. Whatever it takes to get there healthy and strong is what I should do. As for now, I plan to keep taking things one slower, more wobbly step at a time.


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15 Replies to “my 9 Monday Runday rules for running while pregnant”

  1. You look gorgeous! I never ran while pregnant, but I walked and bicycled a ton through all four pregnancies. I don’t think it helped me stay slim, but it helped me feel like I was still treating my body good. I’m always impressed when I see ladies who run during their pregnancies. Congratulations on your little one on the way. (I’m visiting from the Mom 2 Mom link-up.)

    1. Thank you so much! I totally agree on treating our bodies well. It’s so important to feel good and healthy during pregnancy. Running has probably helped with the weight gain a little, but I’m doing it because of how it makes me feel. Thanks for visiting! I’ll definitely want to check out your post as well. It’s my first Link-Up!

  2. WOW!! You are doing a great job 🙂 I wish I had the energy to keep running through my pregnancy but I just always felt like I was out of breath. I would try to continue to walk. Keep it up!!!! You look great
    Chelsea @

    1. Thank you so much! I’m trying, but I swear that at week 23, something with my ability to breath changed. I hate the feeling of not getting enough air! Adding a minute onto my pace seems to really help.

  3. Great tips! Nice job staying active while pregnant. You look super cute! It makes you feel much better, doesn’t it?? I always ended up moving from running to the elliptical at some point. After running while pregnant AND pushing my then 2 year old in a running stroller…it was just too much 😉

    1. Thank you!! I agree, running is helping keep me sane. However, if I also had to push a stoller at this point, I am pretty sure things would be different :). The elliptical and I have made friends on many non-run, it’s such a great way to keep in good shape without all the impact. I may be elliptical-only pretty soon, we will see…

  4. You are too cute with your little bump! Just started following and I love all these tips about staying healthy and running while pregnant! Can’t wait to read more!

    1. Thank you so much! Definitely talk to your doctor, they’ll have great insight onto running while pregnant specific to you. My doctors felt comfortable letting me run because I ran before I was pregnant. It’s been so helpful in keeping me same and healthy!

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