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Somewhere between September and December, I took a hiatus from blogging about anything really personal. This is because I found out at the end of August that I was pregnant again. From the moment I found got those 2 pink lines, being pregnant again consumed my thoughts: I felt sick and then I felt better; I felt huge and then healthy; I am on a constant rollercoaster of emotion, and I can’t get off!  It was hard to really get around all of this, so I blogged about a few delicious soups and our Halloween costumes.  I wasn’t ready to give our secret away.  That changed, mid-November.

This isn’t my first time being pregnant, and it really wasn’t that long ago that I was pregnant for the first time.  As some of you may know, and some may not we lost our first daughter on 12/1/13 at 30 weeks due to a variety of complications, including a diaphragmatic hernia.  Her story can be found here.

After losing my daughter, I found some solace in running.  Running didn’t make everything better all of the time, but it helped…sometimes.  About a month after Darla passed, I signed up for my first full marathon.  I did this in hopes of having something to focus on and help me heal.  Training helped, but healing took more than just running.

After running my first marathon on 5/18/14, my love for running peaked.  I was in the best shape of my life.   I couldn’t believe how quickly 13 or 14 miles would fly by on a Saturday run.  It wasn’t until the end of July after some intense fartlek runs that I realized the pain in my right hip/buttocks was not a normal pain.  I found myself suffering my first major injury.  I spent about 6 weeks strengthening my hamstrings and cross training.  Just as I was beginning to feel healed…I found out that I was pregnant.

During my first pregnancy in 2013, I stopped running at about 9 weeks.  Never having been pregnant before, I wasn’t sure how to keep running.  I stopped running out of fear, and I spent most of my time on the elliptical.

In hindsight, I am proud of this decision.  It was smart.   It was the best decision because it made me feel comfortable.  Being comfortable and happy during pregnancy is far more important than keeping up any pre-pregnancy healthy habits.  The number one goal is always, always, always your growing bambino.

However, knowing more about pregnancy and my body this time around, I thought I’d try to keep running as long as I can.

In the beginning, I ran in the morning…when I didn’t feel to nauseous.  When I did feel a little queasy, I drank coconut water on the treadmill, and it turned out to be my cure-all!  Coconut water: write that down.

I kept the same speed as pre-pregnancy until about 14 weeks. After my first trimester, I have found myself getting a little more winded and a tiny bit bumpier with each run.



I was still fortunate enough to run a 5-mile race on the morning of Thanksgiving.   I had a blast!  It was my first race pregnant, and probably my only race this time around.  I started out strong, but after about 4 miles, I was ready to be D-O-N-E.  I was pleasantly surprised by my pace, but afterwards, I ate a ton and slept for hours.  I felt like a did after a long summer marathon training run…the good ol’ days.




All smiles, and surprised by a 37:56 5-miler.

In order to keep going, I have been relying heavily on my doctor’s approval.  At every appointment, I say “I’m still running…” and every time, she says “Why wouldn’t you be?”  That makes me feel good.

I also have been relying heavily on some of my favorite running blogs, including:

  1. Sarah has awesome information about running while pregnant, and she also shares workouts that are safe for expectant mommies.  Sarah also happens to be pregnant again herself, and I enjoy following her journey.  Be sure to check out her Run Far Gear shop…my “Embrace the Hill” t-shirt has been accommodating my bump perfectly.


Also, if you are pregnant and staying fit, she has an awesome contest going on right now!  Click here to enter to win a $50 gift card to For Two Fitness.

  1. Running Bump: Karen ran throughout her second pregnancy, and shares helpful advice and stories.
  1. Fit Bump: This blog is amazing for all-things healthy…before, during, and after pregnancy.  They have delicious and light recipes, great tips, and prego-safe workouts to help encourage a healthy and happy 9 months.  They also have a great line of workout clothes that compliment a growing bump.

In conclusion, this week I am running, but next week I may not be.  I am 20 weeks now, and I would guess that I’ll stop completely at 30 weeks.  However,  I really don’t know for sure, and I really don’t care.  I’m focusing on staying as fit as a can, because healthy mom means healthy baby…but strong doesn’t mean fast.

To me, being “fit” is relative.  Fit is strong, and includes more than just my body.  True fitness is keeping my mind and spirit healthy and strong.  I have a long way to go, but I’m also halfway there.

My body is changing, and it’s a beautiful thing.

6 Replies to “i run this bump.”

    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for reading her story. She was a very special little baby, and I still love her so much.

  1. My heart broke hearing about Darla. I’m so so sorry this happened to you and your family.

    I’m so glad you’re sharing your story. I can relate on so many levels regarding pregnancy fitness. I can’t wait to keep up with you here.

      1. I just read Darla’s birth story with tears running down my face. I’m going to commit to praying for you and Baby Western every morning until you deliver. You all deserve all of the happiness in the world.

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