it’s finally november!

I’m not really a fan of Halloween.  To me, it seems messy, I don’t like being scared, and I eat candy year round.  I view Halloween as the gateway to happier holidays.  My favorite part of Halloween is November 1st, because it’s over…and all the candy goes on sale.

Most years, Jon and I don’t do much for Halloween.  However, this year, we needed to dress up, as we had friends throwing a house party.  When I have dressed up in the past, my goal has always been to make a costume using what I have.  I’m tall, I’m picky, and store bought costumes never fit me right. Also, why would waste money on an over-priced outfit for a holiday that I don’t even like?

Contrary to current couple protocol, Jon and I decided that we didn’t really need to match.  Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate a clever couple costume.  However…we usually have trouble agreeing on anything.

Last time we tried to agree, we ended up as twin girls.

In case you can't tell us apart...I'm the one in glasses.
In case you can’t tell us apart…I’m the one in glasses.


And that is why this year, we ended up attending the party as…a Decaf Coffee Frappacino with Extra Whip, and a Guy Stuck in a Wind Storm.

My costume consisted of a brown sweater dress, brown tights, brown boots, a $5 feather boa, and a $0.70 green folder rolled into a “straw” and held into place with headbands.  I printed the Starbucks logo and pinned it to my dress with one of our thousands of pins left over from racing bibs.  Although my patent attorney husband was quick to point out that I was committing trademark infringement, it worked perfectly!  All in all, my costume cost under $6!

I was trying to figure out a way to misspell my own name on my dress without ruining it, but I didn't leave enough time.
I was trying to figure out a way to misspell my own name on my dress without ruining it, but I didn’t leave enough time.

My hubby’s costume was also basically free…all we paid for was the $5 umbrella, which we broke on purpose.  Surprisingly, this is not as easy as it sounds.  To complete this look, we lined his tie with a wire and pinned it to his shoulder.  He got creative with all of the “trash” stuck to him: he pinned a circular to his leg, fastened a grocery bag around his ankle, and pinned a Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupon to his shoulder.  Being extra careful to get to physics right, I’d say his look came off as very realistic!


We had a great time…but I am really glad Halloween is over.  I’m so glad, I already snuck into to Christmas section at Michael’s on Sunday.  Maybe I was inspired by our early season snowfall?


Happy November!

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