improving our door decor.

Even though there are roughly 3 people that pass our door on a daily basis, I still have been wanting something to make our apartment feel more like a home.  Something simple and classic…like a wreath.
We’ve been in this apartment about a year.  We had a wreath for the holidays, but our door is lonely for most of the year.  I had about 12 examples of wreaths during my fanatic, obsessing Pinterest stage (after I hit 2,000 pins, I decided to take a break).  Two weekends back, while looks for shelves for my spice rack creation, I felt a wave of ambition.  Maybe it was the sense of satisfaction from finally tackling the spice rack that had been hanging over my head for the past year…or maybe it was the coffee.  Either way, I decided to take on another project: a simple wreath.
I wanted to create something that wasn’t too flashy. I love burlap and twine, and I love opportunities to use burlap and twine without looking tacky or forced.
I selected a basic twig wreath, costing $5.  I picked up a package of burlap roses for $3 (with a coupon), a wreath hanger for $2, and I bought the wooden “W” for $.09.  I had the fishing line and twine around the house from previous crafts.
The materials for the project totaled about $10.09, and it took me about 15 minutes to assemble.  If you needed twine and fishing line, it might bright the total up to $12.09.
I used a heavy-duty needle to thread the fishing line through the twigs and around the “W.”
I used the same needle to sew each burlap rose to the twigs, taking care to arrange them into a bunch.  After sewing on the decorations, I wrapped a bit of twine around the wreath…and I was done.
I’m pleased that this wreath is versatile and will be easy to change up to match the season: some strands of leaves for fall, some ribbon and cinnamon sticks for Christmas, a bird friend for spring…if I always use fishing line instead of glue, the possibilities seem endless!
I believe that crafting doesn’t have to be complicate or time consuming.  This project looks more difficult than it actually was, and I’m ok with that.  I get a definite feeling of satisfaction when I come home every day, pass by my wreath, and think: “Yea…I made that.”

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