the spice rack that almost wasn’t.

I have to admit that this summer, I have gotten spoiled.  Every Sunday has been sunny and between 70-80 degrees…perfect beach weather!  When I found out about the pending thunderstorms this past Sunday, I got excited.  Sure, I’d miss my weekend dose of Vitamin D…but it was perfect weather for crafting!  My most recent project had been in my mind for over a year.

Rewind to April of 2013.  Hubby and I were shopping at Ikea for our big move back to Massachusetts.  We had just finished combing the furniture section with virtually no Ikea-induced tension: “That sofa is ugly,” “This is taking too long,” “I want meatballs.”  We were ending our trip in the Ikea marketplace, aka “The Land of Reasonably Priced Stuff You Don’t Need.”  I found a set of 4 small jars (or Reikens or whatever) for $6.  Immediately I had something in mind: a cool, vintage-looking spice display.  I bought 3 sets.

Flash forward to last week, and you’d find those same jars coated in dust and sitting behind my craft cube.

My neglected craft cube.


Enough was enough.

I spent part of last Saturday seeking a cute and inexpensive shelving solution for my jars.  I really was open to anything.  When I came across some $5 wooden crates, they didn’t seem perfect at first.  It was only after I combed through every other aisle of Michael’s twice, purchased an alternative shelve from Target, and got them home to try that I realized these crates were perfect.

I took time to reinforce the seams of the crates with super glue and put an extra tiny nail in each corner.  I wasn’t sure how much weight they’d hold, as I was assuming that they weren’t designed to be used as shelves.  I found the best way to hang them up wasn’t with any sort of kit.  I needed them to be flush against the wall.  I hammered in a row of small nails and let the box catch on the nails.  Sturdy and easy to do!

I wanted to label each jar so that I could tell my chili powder from my paprika and cayenne.  Using my glass etching cream and stencils, I labeled each jar with the first few letters.



If you liked to craft, glass etching cream and a good set of stencils are a MUST. They can be about $16 each, so watch for coupons.



I have a LOT more than 12 spices, but I decided on 12 to be the spices I use most: chili powder, paprika, cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, dill, parsley, thyme, velvet salt, oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder.  These were the spices I most likely would need to measure out for a recipe.  Sadly, I could only fit 10 jars in my 2 crates, so I decided to display the most colorful.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.10.37 PM

This entire display cost about $25 to create (minus the etching cream/stencils).  I am so happy with how it turned out!  It was helpful to pull these spices out of the crowded cupboard.  I am already using more spice in my cooking!


It’s looking like it might be rainy again this coming Sunday, but that’s fine with me! Now that I remember how much I love being crafty, I’m thinking my craft cube is going to be getting a lot more use.





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