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With only two days left until my first full marathon, I have to say that I am somewhat relived.  That’s only two more days of nervousness, two more days of imagining what 26.2 will feel like, and two more days of checking the forecast every 2 hours (right now, 50% chance of rain).

Right now, I am in “taper mode.”  This pretty much means that I am not running.  After running over 40 miles a week for the past 4 months…that feels strange.  I had my last 5 mile run on Wednesday.  Yet, with all of this nervous energy pent up, sitting still is hard.  I think I am going to clean our whole apartment today.

I have to admit that I have really enjoyed training for this.  After the hardest few months of my entire life, it was nice to have something else to focus on.  However, it’s the emphasis that I’ve put on this marathon that has me concerned about the pending let down.

I remember when I was planning our wedding 3 years ago.  I spent hours every day looking at pictures, picking out colors, changing my mind, and making things for the reception.  Once it was all over, I remember sitting quietly with Jon, just the two of us.  It was the first down-time we’d had in about 3 days, and we were exhausted.  All of the sudden, I felt the post-wedding weepies coming on.  I burst into tears; to a very concerned-looking hubby, I turned and wailed, “What am I going to think about?!”  That was fun.  While this marathon cannot be compared to the greatest day of my life (the day I married my best friend), I am concerned about what I’m going to think about on May 19th.

On the other hand,I guess that’s life.  We plan for great things, then they happen, then they are over, and then we move onto the next great thing.  Along the way, we try to keep a handle on the not-so-great things, understanding that they shape and grow us into better versions of ourselves.

I guess it’s time to start planning the next adventure!  What’s next?

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